Ah. Another day, another raincloud, another section of my brain dead from lack of stimulation. Sat with the cat for a bit. Did some cooking. Watered the plants. Hoovered. How fascinating life is when there really is shit all to do.

Have a photograph, I hope you like it.




Well. Now that the bile has risen to its peak and fallen again, I feel sufficiently ready to tell you about yesterday.

The day began with a 6am rise, so that ablutions can be performed before leaving to direct at New Students’ Day. When all was ready, I set off for college and arrived at 8.00am. 

And then it all started going downhill.

First off, I have never seen a less enthusiastic group in the whole past year of doing this. They just tended to gaze in a bovine-esque stupor in the face of questions, requests and general conversation.


Right. This is actually slightly more difficult than I first thought. I’m going to have to leave this for now. Embarrassing, but I am this irritated. Yes. Quite. Grr.


Ha. And so the job hunting begins. Having scoured Gumtree, Monster, Brighton and Hove Jobs, the Friday Ad, Job Search and Fish 4 Jobs, I still got nuttin’. Oh, to be an unemployed student. Such fun.


Having just experienced my first piece of criticism about the blog, I have been told to lighten up. So, in the space of around half an hour, in true schizophrenic fashion, you shall catch a glimpse at “Happy Me”.

I’m excited, I’m excited because I have nothing to do and, essentially, nothing to worry about. This is, in an intensely beautiful way, well, intensely beautiful. You can see that even thinking about it has rendered my way with words null and void. I appreciate that that may have made no sense either. Ahahaha, but it doesn’t matter and that is what is truly beautiful. And now I have a small dog whiffling and rubbing her nose on my leg. Lovely.

And Thus


And so I commit the tendrils of my life to the infinite cesspool of perverse ramblings that is the internet. Thoughts, hopes, dreams and realities shall reside herein. Please wipe your feet before entering and try not to get shit on the sheets.


Well, the time has apparently come to attempt to blog again. I’m two days into a three month break from work and am already bored stiff and craving the papery feel of history revision once more.

I honestly never thought that this is what I would be saying now, all those weeks ago when the revision period began, but I can’t help how I’m made.
This will hopefully be more successful than my previous aborted blog attempts, now I literally have nothing better to do, so I’m supposing that is a bonus. This blog shall seek to document the comings and goings of the coming months, highs, lows, burnt toast and everything in between.
I somewhat feel a short profile of the past couple of years should be documented, for my benefit and for yours, so that a comprehensive view of life thus far may be attained. I’ll give it a bash.

  • 1993 – Birth, unimpressive, really, and thoroughly overrated.
  • 1998 – Start at school, a.k.a. the beginning of the end of my being able to relax.
  • 2000 – Millennium Year
  • 2002 – Birth of my sister, Tilly. Beginning of the end of my being able to sleep.
  • 2004 – Moved schools due to generally being beaten up on a regular basis.
  • 2005 – Secondary school, 50% good, 50% terrible. (Oddly enough, the same proportion of time spent at Secondary having met/not met A)
  • 2010 – The year that everything begins. I cannot attach a mere bullet point to this year or to the following 19 months; these will have to be dealt with separately.

I rather feel I have started this whole escapade off on somewhat of a down-tone; please do not be fooled, I am a generally happy person, but my happiness is young, and when talking about the past it can be sometimes difficult to remember all of the good times.